Sludge Disposal

Sewerbusters – Sludge Disposal in Kildare

Sewerbusters are an innovative sludge disposal business which strives to utilise the most up to date drain clearing and septic tank cleaning technology. Our longevity in the sludge disposal industry is a testament to our resilience and foresight. We have always employed highly trained technicians who operate the latest equipment which results in a high quality service for our customers.

When it comes to sludge disposal in Kildare we are among the most reliable and trusted operators. Our long list of loyal clients is testament to the quality of service we offer.

Septic Tank Waste Disposal

At Sewerbusters, we realise the importance of proper waste disposal procedures. On completion of septic tank clearance we can provide proof of correct disposal. We have the capability to clear any septic tank no matter what it has previously been used for. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in septic tank clearance and have an intimate knowledge of the cleaning substances and equipment.

Professional Sludge Disposal in Kildare.

How do I know when it is time to empty my septic tank?

As a general rule we suggest that your tank is emptied yearly. This can vary depending on the size of the tank and how many people there are in your home. You may start to notice that your toilet, sinks, washing machine etc. are not emptying as fast as they used to, which can indicate problems. When waste gets to your tank, liquid waste will float on top while more solid waste settles at the bottom. This will start to decompose and sit there as sludge. This sludge will start to build up until it gets to the point where your tank needs emptying. If your tank has reached this level and has begun to overflow, you will notice that there may be a bad smell around your tank. We advise not to let it get to this level. We can carry out an inspection and see exactly what stage your tank is at if you are unsure.